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Body detoxification

Why does the need for detoxification of the body arise?
Life today has become highly competitive and stressful. A person has to face several hazards such as pollution and unwanted stress. On account of lack of time, fast foods and other unhealthy foods are being preferred by the people. Heart diseases, arthritis, cancer and other diseases are becoming largely prevalent because of the lifestyles of modern people. Hence, the need for detoxification of the body arises.

The effects of food habits
In spite of having sophisticated medical facilities and abundant supplies of food, the people in the West are devoid of food that is truly healthy and gives true strength and vigor. In the modern times, farmers also make use of various chemicals in order to obtain produce that is larger instead of produce that is healthy. The farming techniques of today also concentrate on producing fruits and vegetables that are larger in size. Due to this, the foods that are supposed to be healthy and nutritious is in fact filled with chemicals and artificial hormones. They tend to destroy the nutrients inherent in these foods.

The effects of pollution on the liver
The level of pollution is rapidly rising in today's times. Various pollutants enter the human body by way of food, water and the atmosphere. This gives rise to the development of harmful toxins in the body. Toxins have harmful effects on human health, especially affecting the functioning of the liver. The liver, which is the second largest organ in the human body, is one of the most critical organs. The way the liver functions often determines the health of a person. Traditional Chinese medicos strongly believe that it is the liver which helps the body to fight against disease and keep the body healthy. One of the most important roles played by the liver is detoxification, that is the removal of toxic substances from the blood or rendering them harmless. The liver is the organ responsible for the creation of bile in the human body, which aids in the breaking down of fats. The liver is the organ in which essential vitamins such as A, D, E and K are stored. Pollution, lack of exercise, consumption of unhealthy foods, alcohol and drug use - all these factors take their toll on the liver, rendering its functioning slow and less effective. This gives rise to weak immune systems. This in turn makes the digestive system weak and ineffective, giving rise to several problems like obesity, chronic fatigability, allergies, breathing problems, skin problems and several other ailments.

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